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Welcome at the website of MMG FLOW Instrumentation Ltd.

Post address: 1131 Budapest, Rokolya u. 1-13.

Offices: ground floor 01

Test laboratory: ground floor 30

Telefon (+361) 236 0765 , (+361) 236 0765
                      (+361) 789 0734

Telefax (+361) 236 0766




Our field of activity

  • Manufacturing, development and sale of flowmeters.
  • Designing and set up of complete measuring systems
  • Application advisement (concerning meters of other manufacturers, too).
  • Calibration, proving, regular maintenance and repair of our products
  • Calibration and proving of flowmeters of any working principle in our flow test laboratory working at our premises.
    The laboratory works with master meters derived from the national standard meters and by methods approved by the National Office of Measures.
  • Special in-field calibration, and proving in cooperation with the National Office of Measures.

Short story of our firm

From December 1999 MMG FLOW Ltd. is an independent private legal successor of the Flow Measurement Division of former MMG AM Rt. Among the owners, leaders and members there are the experts, engineers and developers of the late Flow Measurement Division, therefore we succeeded in transferring the professional values of the late firm into MMG FLOW Ltd. without any problem. Our ambition is to keep these values, improve them to gain appreciation for our products at home and worldwide, too.